miniature schnauzer skin problems

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Questions & answers

  1. kellie l kellie l says:
    my miniature schnauzer has a skin problem?
    My miniature schnauzer has a skin problem .She is constanly itching and biting herself in her back and stomach area and also on her legs to the point she is cutting her fur and making scabs. We've tried Mink Oil but it doesn't seem to help.pls any...
    Tay-Tay says:
    It's important to note what the skin looks like. Is it a red rash, swollen bumpy...? It could be a number of things based on the description. You could read this information and see if you can...

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schnauzer bump Mini Schnauzer Skin Problems
schnauzer bump Mini Schnauzer Skin Problems
... miniature schnauzer go schnauzer mini schnauzer skin problems 550x413
... miniature schnauzer go schnauzer mini schnauzer skin problems 550x413
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