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    Tell us something about your life at home. "I live with my brother, who is 13, my mum, my stepdad and my American Cocker-Spaniel Toby. I go to the college and study A levels in law, business, sociology and psychology."
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Goodbye to Coddy : Con Te Partirò

Well, the thing I've feared but did not expect so soon happened this Tuesday. Our beloved family pet, Cody the cocker spaniel died. He was 9 years old and pr...

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  1. Vivacious Vegan Vivacious Vegan says:
    My dog has dry skin. What are some possible treatments and causes for this?
    My dog is a one-year old,15 pound Cocker Spaniel/Chihuahua mix. I'm not sure on what could be going on so I'll list as much information as possible. About two months ago, we noticed fleas on him. Before then, he was having some dandruff. We...
    Jamie says:
    You could consider adding extra vitamins and supplements to his diet to help with dry skin & coat, allergies. Fish Oil, COQ10 and Green Tea (decaf) are all amazing for Skin & coat and allergies and...

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    The bacteria enter open wounds and release toxins that destroy skin, fat and muscle tissue. Person to person transmission is rare. Her cocker spaniel, Sambo, naps in a kennel near her feet which are clad in bright yellow socks and therapeutic shoes
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Cocker Spaniels: dry skin/yeast?, colloidal oatmeal, thyroid tests
Cocker Spaniels: dry skin/yeast?, colloidal oatmeal, thyroid tests
Sebolux for our Cocker Spaniel skin condition - News - Bubblews
Sebolux for our Cocker Spaniel skin condition - News - Bubblews
Eye problem for Cocker Spaniel
Eye problem for Cocker Spaniel
yeast infection cocker spaniel cocker spaniel skin problems 699x524
yeast infection cocker spaniel cocker spaniel skin problems 699x524